Chrysanthemum - Kevin Henkes

I have had this book read to me, read the book myself, and had it read again in college! It is such a great read at any age to remind us that we are all individually unique and special. The book tells of a little girl named Chrysanthemum, who is happy as can be until she begins getting picked on for her name. All it takes for Chrysanthemum to overcome this is her kind music teacher named Mrs. Twinkle. It is because of her that Chrysanthemum is able to realize her true quality and how special she really is. This book is a great option for carpet reading and could be used in K-2nd grades. The lexile level of this book is 460L. I would read the story to my students then have a discussion about how we are all unique in our own individual ways. I think it would be neat to have an activity where I give them a cutout flower and they write down character traits and qualities they each possess. I would let the students color them and share if they wanted to do so. I could also hang these on the wall in the classroom or in the hall for the other parents and students to see.