The Kissing Hand  (Chester the Raccoon - Nancy M. Leak, Ruth E. Harper, Audrey Penn

The Kissing Hand is perfect for children first starting out in school. Separation from your parents is a huge deal at that age, and this book highlights the journey both children and parents must go on when it is the first day in a new environment. Chester the racoon is anxious over his first day of school like many other young children. His mom knows just what to do when she informs him about the kissing hand and Chester knows he truly is never alone. The lexile level of this book is 520L. I would use this in a kindergarten classroom preferably on the first day or week of school! I would do a carpet reading of the book and then have a discussion of some ways the students can feel better when feeling alone. Students could even write their parents a letter on how their first day of school went!